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DISCLAIMER: If you choose to download any file or visit any link featured on these pages below, then it is at your own risk.  The links are provided here in good faith but are not checked by me for viruses, unsuitable content, malicious site redirection of other web site nasties.  Links do go out of date quickly and suddenly useful links may become links to odious material - please take care.

Got a breathless email urging you to pass it on urgently to ALL your friends?  Check here first!

General reference materials, libraries, maps and educational   

Useful search engines and internet resources 

Some useful little free programs produced by me - so far just my perpetual calendar and days calculator but more coming soon

Mostly free software compatible with Windows 98

Mostly free software for Windows XP or 2K but will probably not run under Windows 98

Software to get the best from your PC and peripherals and to tune up Windows XP, 2k, 9x and Internet Explorer including many free utilities and links into the Microsoft Website maze - mostly for "geeks"

Technical data - electronics data and suppliers  

Technical data - PC hardware and some links for programmers

Technical data - Space, Nuclear, Particle Physics and Cryogenics

Technical data - miscellaneous engineering subjects, general interest, science, maths

A basic web page to keep open on your PC to prevent your ISP timing out your internet connection due to inactivity

Weather links

Some of the bookmarks in the files above are quite old as I have been accumulating them for some years now. May I apologise in advance if one or two of the links no longer work (but please E-mail me and tell me of any "dead-ends" and I will fix or move them to my on-line "dead links" file).  If the link appears dead, try searching for the name of the software or try chopping off sections of the web address from the right hand end, perhaps the web site has just moved or been re-organised.  A little detective work can often reclaim any apparently dead links.

Links4Trade will take you to other sites that may be of interest if you like what you found on this page

Good Causes and Charities

If you are in good health and not scared of a needle then spare a pint of  blood - in the UK check out The National Blood Service's on line site.  Type in your post code and you get an up to date list donor sessions near you, complete with a handy map to help you find the places.  Don't forget to stay and have your tea and biscuit after.

This Ecology Fund triggers a donation every time you use the excellent GoTo search engine or check the weather.

The Hunger Site is back!  This is the same Hunger Site that we all know and love, only with new owners provides information about, and lets you make donations that support: Ending hunger, Saving children from diseases, Defeating cancer, Stopping AIDS,  Housing the homeless, Supporting the arts and Promoting education

Click on CARE2 to make free donations to various charities, you can also click to save the rain forest or to contribute to water resources.

Charity focus helps organizations that have limited resources to get help in setting up a web site.  They can always use some more capable volunteers.

Don't bin that old PC! contact Computer Aid or tel 020-7281-0091 (UK) or tel 0800-731-8143 (UK) 
Here are some other links for the disposal of old computers etc., often including free collection 

Going Green? Is man made CO2 causing climate change or is it a natural cycle?  Either way lets keep consumption of the planet's limited resources as low as possible.  Repair and keep it going rather than replace it, switch off rather than switch to standby.  Lift share and save fuel an money and make new friends.  Leave the car and walk or dust off the bike.  

Make use of thefree Loadup service to fill up lorries returning from deliveries empty (anything from car transporters to domestic removals).

Credit where credit is due

Many of the links to free software in the above collections have been culled from a daily news letter oddly entitled Lockergnome here is the web site address: Lockergnome Web site.  A few links have come from the Bob Rankin's Internet Tourbus.  A few others have come from from Fred Langa's E-mail newsletter.

Many of the reference links have come from the University of Wisconsin Internet Scout Project Scout Report, the Scout Report Archives (accessible from the home page) is a searchable and browseable database which indexes over seven years' worth of resources from the Scout Report and subject-specific Scout Reports. It contains more than 11,000 critical annotations of carefully selected Internet sites and mailing lists

If you can't find what you are looking for here, most of the above sites have searchable archives, some going back 5 years.

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08 August 2008