Family History

The following names will hyperlink you directly to the detailed family tree narratives of my ancestors.....Do we share any common roots?

ANDERSON - 7 generations from Hanley and Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. UK
WILLIAMS - 4 generations in Lydney, Glos. UK
POWELL - 4 generation in the Forest of Dean, Newnham and Lydney, Glos. UK and the Welsh borders
BLADON - 6 generations in the Midlands area, UK including some emigrations to Australia
CLAYTON - 4 generations from Sheffield, UK
YAPP - 4 generations from Herefordshire and the Welsh borders including some emigrations to Australia
Note that all living people have been deleted from the narratives to respect their privacy, this means that you will see an unusual number of childless marriages and a few "unknown people" among the later generations.

As well as much work by my wife and myself, the research above includes family history research from others on the Bladon and Yapp lines. 

For the Bladon line I am pleased to acknowledge the tremendous job that Helena Coney has done on the Bladon name in the UK. Most of the Bladon research on-line here is courtesy of Helena. If you are interested in the BLADON family name you should check out her blog site at  

Maree Johnston has contributed all the data for Aaron Yapp's siblings and ancestors.  Before Maree contacted me, the Yapp line stopped with Aaron but we now share common ancestry as detailed in the Hyperlink above

I am now hunting for all descendants of both Vernon Anderson and Edward Albert Anderson, they in turn are the sons of my Great Great Uncle Albert Edward ANDERSON and Julia (He was born on 21 October 1865 in Broad Street, Shelton, Stoke-upon-Trent and died on 15th January 1941 at  Northwoods House, Winterbourne Glos.) 

I am also searching for the descendants of my Grandfather' cousin George YAPP who was living with his wife Sarah in Sutton Coldfield circa 1920.


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03 June 2006