Descendants of Richard YAPP

Generation One

1. Richard1 YAPP.

Children of Richard1 YAPP and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Two

2. James2 YAPP (Richard1) was born circa / /1811 at Leintwardine, Herefordshire, UK.1 He married Caroline Price, daughter of Hugh Lewis, on 4/8/1840 at Heyop, Radnorshire, UK.2,3

Children of James2 YAPP and Caroline Price were as follows:

Generation Three

3. James3 Yapp (James2YAPP, Richard1) was born on 27/4/1842 at Burrington, Herefordshire, UK.6,7,8 He married Annie Daller, daughter of William Daller, on 10/5/1869 at St Thomas Church, Birmingham, Warwickshire.9

Children of James3 Yapp and Annie Daller were as follows:

4. Aaron3 YAPP (James2, Richard1) was born on 15/8/1847 at Paytoe, Leintwardine, Herefordshire, UK.18,19 He married Annie Mary BROWN, daughter of Edward BROWN, on 9/11/1891 at The parish church, Rowington, Warwick; The certificate records "bachelor and spinster, both of full age". He appears to have added the name Arthur before his earlier christian name Aaron but was only referred to as Aaron again by Humphrey when registering his death.20 He died on 16/6/1917 at Aylton, Ledbury, Hereford, at age 69.21

He lived in /11/1891 at Rowington, Warwick.22

Children of Aaron3 YAPP and Annie Mary BROWN were as follows:

Generation Four

5. Frank4 Yapp (James3, James2YAPP, Richard1) was born circa / /1876 at Chorlton, Herefordshire.28 He married Alice Bowcott on 8/9/1905 at St Johns Church, Pencombe, Herefordshire.29 He died on 4/4/1954 at Sydney, NSW, Australia.30 He was buried on 6/4/1954 at Church of England Cemetery, Emu Plains, NSW, Australia.31

Children of Frank4 Yapp and Alice Bowcott were as follows:

6. Arthur Edward4 YAPP (Aaron3, James2, Richard1) married Nellie STUBBS. He was born circa / /1892.34 He died in / /1954.

Children of Arthur Edward4 YAPP and Nellie STUBBS were as follows:

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